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Dementia Friendly Abingdon is a volunteer initiative to raise understanding of dementia and promote dementia friendly practice throughout the town. The small steering group aims to make the town more supportive of people affected by mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia, and their carers.

We help

Whilst we hope to help those with dementia and MCI we do not do this directly, but by helping other individuals and organisations who have contact with the public to have more understanding when dealing with those living with dementia. The main ways we are doing this is by raising awareness of dementia and sources of support, primarily by holding Dementia Information Sessions with groups of individuals e.g. clubs and societies and organisations e.g. staff in cafés, shops, care homes, police, fire service, banks etc. as well as young people e.g. guides.

The sessions are run by a volunteer trained by the Alzheimer Society and those attending have the option of registering as a Dementia Friend with Alzheimer's Society. If you would like to find out about a dementia information session for your work colleagues or members of a club or society you belong to, or perhaps just a group of friends, please do get in touch.

Our monthly Newsletter contains items on sources of support and information, both local and national; details of local activities for those living with dementia as well as information for carers. To join our Supporters and receive the Newsletter please email 

In addition, we coordinate a Coffee Group of people living with dementia or MCI and their carers who now meet on a Thursday morning, 10:30-11:30am, at St Ethelwold's House, East St Helen Street, Abingdon. New members are very welcome, but please contact BEFORE attending.


Those providing the Dementia Awareness Sessions have had training from the the Alzheimer's Society.


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