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55 Anna Pavlova Close, Abingdon
OX14 1TF

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Rosalind Pearmain

Email: uk.oxfordshire@heartfulness.org  
Tel: 01235 847620

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We offer free Heartfulness relaxation and meditation groups regularly and one to one sessions.

The meditation takes about 30-40 minutes.  We encourage people to try the practice daily at home if they are interested. The unusual aspect of this modern form of Raja Yoga is yogic' transmission' which supports meditation.

People find the practice both relaxing and profound. It helps us to rebalance and find a still centre of connection with ourselves and others in our hearts.

When/where we meet

  • Weekly at The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay,  Weds eve at 7pm

  • Monthly at St Ethelwolds on Sundays at 10 am from Jan

  • Monthly in Oxford at Peace House at 10:30 from Jan 2019

We help

We help adults. Heartfulness offers a kind of spiritual nourishment and a way of clearing the impressions of life and the day that weigh on us


We have safeguarding policies but we do not work with children and vulnerable people.


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