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4, Suffolk Way, Abingdon OX14 5JX

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Andy Heelas, Senior Employment Coach
Tel: 01235 861228 Option 0
Email: andyh@owr.org.uk  

Oxford Wood Recycling team


An environmental social enterprise and charity with a strong social mission. We both employ and work with as volunteers, people with a disability or other severe disadvantage which means they are excluded from working. We aim to move everyone closer to and into open employment, and to support them to remain in work.

When/where we meet

Open 6 days per week at 4, Suffolk Way, Drayton Road. Abingdon

We help

We work with adults, usually over 18, but occasionally young people over 16. We see many people managing poor mental health, on the autism spectrum, with complex psychological conditions - causing poor health, and people with physical disabilities.


We have a safeguarding policy which provides guidelines for working arrangements for different groups. We don't work with children under 16 but our retail side is open to all members of the public


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